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Who we are


BELIXIMO TRAVEL is a tour operating company specialized in organising luxury leisure, health and wellness travel experiences for the most discerning customers coming from our partners from different countries of the world. 

How we work


We design tailor-made luxury travel experiences, that's why we treat each case individually and completely customized so we can know each request and customer's profile well, to be able to meet his most demanding needs and make them come true. Not only we deeply study every experience we offer but also we test them on ourselves and know how they work in detail to ensure that everything goes just perfect. 


Moreover, our tailor-made packages specify clearly all economic terms and extra costs with transparency.

Our philosophy


With the commitment to provide luxury and excellent services, at Beliximo we are demanding and unyielding in terms of quality and responsibility.


Ethics and loyalty to our partners and customers characterize us. Our values and our way of working is a guarantee for the most demanding clients so that their trip will be a complete and flawless experience in all aspects. 


In addition, we make all our communications friendly and pleasant to make you feel safe and comfortable finding  with us the answers to all your questions.


Total availability


Nobody likes to be kept waiting. We know it and we offer absolute availability. We answer any request within 24 hours and work on Saturdays and Sundays when necessary. We are available through the most common instant message services. We have a hotline to resolve immediately any question that may arise during the booking process or any issue during the clients' stay. And also, if the situation requires, we can provide a direct contact to solve the problem in person.


With us you receive all the information and have your problems solved in record time.


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